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Yeah, 2 (whole!) days of free time – so I wrote a little application, “jenkins2cleware”, to connect Jenkins to a USB traffic light. This is of course what we all want to do, CI and CD, and of course we want to have fun while we are at it :-D… In case you have no USB device, “jenkins2cleware” can also open up a virtual traffic light, so you can have a little fun at least.

As a git/maven project, “jenkins2cleware” is itself easily integrated into Jenkins, so it can theoretically monitor its own build status xD…

Check the project out at github:

Or if you just want to use it, download the executable Release v1.04 here (Java 7 Application): jenkins2cleware-v1_04.

The executable is fully configurable through the “” file that comes with it. You can enter Jenkins user/password credentials (you should create a new user for the traffic light with no rights but read-only) and the Jenkins URL to your project on whatever server. Both HTTP and HTTPS connections are supported!

I’m using github this time, because I suspect that some day someone else might want to collaborate and I want to be able to receive pull requests, which is a little hard to setup on my own server.

What you can do now is make your current build status (OK, Broken) visible with this cute little Cleware traffic light – enjoy! Visit Cleware GmbH to buy a traffic light:

For now I don’t want to release the final version of the software, because my ordered USB traffic light did not arrive yet and I wrote the software beforehand.

I just want to try it out in reality before dropping the “Release Candidate” status, but I guess there won’t be any problems and it can happen soon. First week of the new year, probably.

Update – 11.01.2018

Release v1.00 is out now, have fun.

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