Welcome “Build Light Boss”

I decided to fork my Jenkins2Cleware project, and so I created the all new “Build Light Boss” platform. It’s going to be a complete open software and open hardware solution, so everything is completely self-makeable and all code is public.

Today, I finished the Arduino hardware device. It is basically the Cleware USB traffic light, but it runs on an Arduino Nano now. I did not completely solder it, but I went for a connector and pins to build it. This way, the Arduino is not hard-wired, but can easily be taken out – just in case 🙂 …

Find the “Build Light Boss” hardware platform here: https://github.com/weiglt/buildlightboss_HW.

Note: If you want to save yourself some driver troubles, rather buy a RS232 FTDI Arduino instead of a cheaper RS232 CH340 one.

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