Hmm, about me… I’m Tobias. I currently live in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, but I’m also found in München and Nürnberg quite frequently. There’s some music in my life: I play the Steirische Harmonika and, very poorly, the guitar and the piano. I’m working as a software test manager, test analyst and process automation engineer in the automotive industry. It’s a creative activity that I love very much, but I won’t blog about it here.

Apart from that, I’ve got my own little software company: f-gx.de.

I studied computer science at the Technical University of Munich and left with a masters degree. At first, I didn’t really like writing code and creating software, but rather went there for computing theory and math. However, this has changed since then. Now I sometimes want to share code snippets, small libraries and technical insights without commercial interest. Those will be published here on this site.

Of course, I have political opinions, too.  I’m a libertarian mind and I believe in small government, low taxes, self-responsibility, individual freedom and fair migration policies. All cultures and national identities should be respected and I believe in sovereign states and cultural pluralism over globalization. I’m not a religious person, but I value life and therefore became a vegetarian in 2013. Oh, and my favorite color is probably purple. Now didn’t you want to know that.

Also, I like metal, gothic and medieval festivals quite a lot and I’m glad that there are so many great people here in Germany that enjoy it, too.

Towards Schloss Blutenburg