Welcome “Build Light Boss”

I decided to fork my Jenkins2Cleware project, and so I created the all new “Build Light Boss” platform. It’s going to be a complete open software and open hardware solution, so everything is completely self-makeable and all code is public.

Today, I finished the Arduino hardware device. It is basically the Cleware USB traffic light, but it runs on an Arduino Nano now. I did not completely solder it, but I went for a connector and pins to build it. This way, the Arduino is not hard-wired, but can easily be taken out – just in case 🙂 …

Find the “Build Light Boss” hardware platform here: https://github.com/weiglt/buildlightboss_HW.

Note: If you want to save yourself some driver troubles, rather buy a RS232 FTDI Arduino instead of a cheaper RS232 CH340 one.

Jenkins Build Lights Open HW/SW Platform

One little announcement: I will invest a little more time into my current experimental Jenkins build lights project. I saw that a few people have noticed the project by now, but there are still so many ideas floating around 🙂

Soon I will fork the project and extend it towards a Open-Hardware-Open-Software stack, based on Arduino. I’m 200% busy actually, but I will find the time to push it – it’s just such a cool project 😉 Stay tuned.

Take a first look at: https://github.com/weiglt/build-light-boss_HW.

Completed “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice”

Never forget what it is like to see the world as a child: Where every autumn leaf is a work of art; every rolling cloud, a moving picture; every day a new story. We too emerge from this magic, like a wave from the ocean, only to return back to the sea. Do not mourn the waves, the leaves and the clouds. Because even in darkness the wonder and beauty of the world never leaves. It’s always there, just waiting to be seen again.

Excellent story, perfect atmosphere – 10/10

Hela Finale

Fun, Fun, Fun – Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment

Yeah, 2 (whole!) days of free time – so I wrote a little application, “jenkins2cleware”, to connect Jenkins to a USB traffic light. This is of course what we all want to do, CI and CD, and of course we want to have fun while we are at it :-D… In case you have no USB device, “jenkins2cleware” can also open up a virtual traffic light, so you can have a little fun at least.

As a git/maven project, “jenkins2cleware” is itself easily integrated into Jenkins, so it can theoretically monitor its own build status xD…

Check the project out at github: https://github.com/weiglt/jenkins2cleware.

Or if you just want to use it, download the executable Release v1.04 here (Java 7 Application): jenkins2cleware-v1_04.

The executable is fully configurable through the “jenkins2cleware.properties” file that comes with it. You can enter Jenkins user/password credentials (you should create a new user for the traffic light with no rights but read-only) and the Jenkins URL to your project on whatever server. Both HTTP and HTTPS connections are supported!

I’m using github this time, because I suspect that some day someone else might want to collaborate and I want to be able to receive pull requests, which is a little hard to setup on my own server.

What you can do now is make your current build status (OK, Broken) visible with this cute little Cleware traffic light – enjoy! Visit Cleware GmbH to buy a traffic light: http://www.cleware-shop.de.

For now I don’t want to release the final version of the software, because my ordered USB traffic light did not arrive yet and I wrote the software beforehand.

I just want to try it out in reality before dropping the “Release Candidate” status, but I guess there won’t be any problems and it can happen soon. First week of the new year, probably.

Update – 11.01.2018

Release v1.00 is out now, have fun.

Stahlmann, Amandas Nadel, B.O.S.C.H. – Ingolstadt 29.12.2017

Stahlmann war in Ingolstadt – und natürlich auch ein paar begeisterte Fans. B.O.S.C.H. (laut eigener Aussage eine Musik-Band und kein Hersteller von Haushaltsgeräten, haha…) kennt der Eingeweihte eh schon, aber auch von Amandas Nadel (“Durch die Nacht”, wow!) wird man wohl hoffentlich noch mehr hören. Vielleicht sogar die Ãœberraschung des Abends. Wiener Schmäh plus einige sehr starke Gitarrensolos und insgesamt sehr gute Songs mit starken Melodien. Das zweite Album ist fast fertig, nicht verpassen!

Eine gewisse “Margit” wurde dann noch von Stahlmann auf einen Stuhl auf die Bühne gesetzt, weil sie sich zu weit hinten versteckt hat während der ersten Lieder. Sie hat brav mitgemacht. Und wir im Publikum hatten einen Mordsspaß bei der Aktion :-D… Insgesamt war der Sound von Stahlmann sehr druckvoll und gut abgemischt, es war ein wirklich gelungenes Konzert.

© Stahlmann


Hier ist noch die “andere Seite” des Amandas-Nadel-Stage-Fotos ^_^

Quelle: Facebook

Schloss Maxlrain MPS 2017

Zusammengefallen mit dem Tag der Bundestagswahl ist heuer das MPS in Maxlrain. Da es aber erst um 11 Uhr startete, war es für uns Besucher keine große Schwierigkeit beides zu schaffen. Bei größtenteils strahlendem Sonnenschein und leider Preisen auf Oktoberfestniveau war es auch dieses Jahr wieder ein fantastisches Highlight mit tollen Menschen und fröhlicher Musik.

Server Upgrade Completed

Sorry that I was down for a while. I underestimated the effort it took to migrate to a new server and I had barely time to do it. The upgrade was troublesome, because virtual servers are hardly upgradeable once they’re out of the support period and I could barely re-use any of the old stuff. Also, originally I wanted to build a docker layer into the system’s architecture to enable an easier migration in the future. As it turned out, running a virtual server it’s sometimes just not possible to use docker, because of kernel sharing limitations. For the time being it’s actually not doable within my hosting company’s virtualization solution.

While planning the migration, my main goal was to get rid of Plesk, because it digs way to deep into the system. It’s basically impossible to configure anything by hand if Plesk is installed on a server. It completely breaks apache, mail, SSL and cron administration. Plesk actively tries to make it impossible for users to understand how the system is configured below the surface and how it can be improved manually. It is also almost impossible to purge the installation afterwards. Using Plesk is a really bad idea for intermediate users that want to tweak their server by hand, even partially, and to get a better understanding of how things are set up properly in regular ways.

Other improvements are:

  • SSL is now enforced
  • SSL certs are now provided by the Let’s Encrypt Certification Authority
  • Implemented cron maintenance jobs to keep the patch level up to date
  • Introduced Fail2Ban as intrusion prevention agent for applications and services
    • Dropped fwknop ssh guard because of essentially redundant protection
  • Replaced Open-Xchange with Roundcube

I’m not sure whether I want to stick with WordPress as CMS, so that could change as well. Also, I’m not sure whether or not to restore posts from my old website. Or to what extent. Time will tell.

Wave Gotik Treffen 2017

Alle Jahre wieder… kommen sie aus aller Welt über Pfingsten nach Leipzig. Ich mag Leipzig sehr gerne, es ist eine wunderschöne Stadt und die Menschen dort sind unendlich freundlich und aufgeschlossen.

Achja: Geht unbedingt zum Italiener “Toskana” an der Nikolaikirche, der ist SOOO gut 😀