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Leipzig Augusteum



Nun ich bin kein Christ, aber das aktuelle Buch von Martin Mosebach (“Die 21 – Eine Reise ins Land der koptischen Martyrer”) hat mich tief beeindruckt, weil mich die 21 Menschen darin tief beeindruckt haben. Der Preis der Freiheit ist hoch. Bewundernswert, wer dafür einsteht. Wenn wir dieser Tage friedlich Ostern feiern, ist uns ja …


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Hmm, about me… I’m Tobias. I currently live in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, but I’m also found in München and Nürnberg quite frequently. There’s some music in my life: I play the Steirische Harmonika and, very poorly, the guitar and the piano. I’m working as a software test manager, test analyst and process automation engineer in the automotive industry. It’s a creative activity that I love very much, but I won’t blog about it here.

Apart from that, I’ve got my own little software company: f-gx.de.

I studied computer science at the Technical University of Munich and left with a masters degree. At first, I didn’t really like writing code and creating software, but rather went there for computing theory and math. However, this has changed since then. Now I sometimes want to share code snippets, small libraries and technical insights without commercial interest. Those will be published here on this site.

Of course, I have political opinions, too.  I’m a libertarian mind and I believe in small government, low taxes, self-responsibility, individual freedom and fair migration policies. All cultures and national identities should be respected and I believe in sovereign states and cultural pluralism over globalization. I’m not a religious person, but I value life and therefore became a vegetarian in 2013. Oh, and my favorite color is probably purple. Now didn’t you want to know that.

Also, I like metal, gothic and medieval festivals quite a lot and I’m glad that there are so many great people here in Germany that enjoy it, too.

Towards Schloss Blutenburg